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Starting December 2008, I've begun teaching myself XML. I started applying it professionally in 2011 when I used Fusedocs and Circuit.xml as parts of Fusebox.

WAP / WML Example

I've taught myself WAP but I haven't applied it professionally. Looking at the direction that mobile device technology is going --- as mobile phones dsiplay entire web pages written in HTML with graphics and fonts included --- it looks unlikely that WAP will be necessary for future generations of mobile devices. But it's always better to have a skill or know a language than not.

These documents must be viewed with the Opera browser, a mobile browser, or a WAP emulator.

3rd Party APIs

I'm a little conflicted about including these API items in my portfolio.   I can't take much credit for the programming displayed on these pages.   Most of the really impressive work was done by programmers at Google, YouTube, etc.,   Incorporating third party widgets through cutting and pasting can be done by web monkeys with the most rudimentary skills.   The most I did was add a dynamic "resize" bar for some of the videos.   However it was a fun --- if easy --- exercise and I liked being able to add a few lines of code and then immediately benefitting from videos and maps.

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