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NOTE: (ISP "Mini-Intranet") : This is an example of initiative and problem solving over beautiful design and sophisticated programming. I used to work on the Help Desk at a combination ISP / Online Newspaper for San Antonio. There wasn't a uniform training program or constant set of answers for the various questions the Help Desk Technicians were asked or the issues we dealt with. I had the idea of a Help Desk common resource to make our jobs easier and more uniform. Something along the lines of the mock up page I have here. I worked on the HTML and Nightfeed Guide while another analyst set up the "Who" and "Ping" CGI scripts. Our boss set up the message board. Because most of it wasn't behind a firewall (the files were split up between a tiny LAN and our Internet servers) it wasn't a true intranet and none of the content was sensitive -- just very, very useful.

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