Interactive Tutorial

Step 1: a Simple HTML Change

Let's make a minor change to am existing web page.

This is simple page as it appears in a browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Sample HTML Document

You change the appearance of text by using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) "Tags".

In the box below, type the opening bold tag -- <B> -- before the phrase "Generate Source." Type the closing bold tag -- </B> -- after that phrase. The text should look like this:

To make changes to this sample webpage, add tags to this text and click the buttom marked <B>"Generate Source."</B> You'll see the revised HTML in the second text box. To view the revised page in a browser, click on the "View Web Page" button.

Once you've made that change, click the button marked "Generate Source." In the box below, it will show you the HTML "Source Code" of the sample web page including the new tags.

To see how the revised webpage looks in a browser, click the button marked "View Web Page."


(If the browser window is blank, please close it and click the button again.)

If you followed the instructions, the phrase "Generate Source" appears in bold.