Fusedoc Example

<fusedoc fuse="qry_delSupportingDocsGrant.cfm" language="ColdFusion" version="7">
        Delete selected records.
        <history author="Murgh Vindaloo" email="vkhan@boutonjones.com" role="Coder" type="Create" date="04/24/2007" />
        <history author="Punjabi Dal" email="oblue@boutonjones.com" role="Coder" type="Update" date="05/21/2007" />
        <history author="Karta Ray" email="krey@boutonjones.com" role="Coder" type="Update" date="06/22/2007">
            Modified logic
        <history author="Korma Makhani" email="krey@boutonjones.com" role="Coder" type="Update" date="02/16/2011">
            Included new error capture and exception handling
        <history author="Bouton Jones" email="bj@boutonjones.com" role="Coder" type="Update" date="05/09/2013" />
        Oracle NVL function prevents the need for conditional code to check that the result set is empty.
            <cookie name="id" optional="No" />
            <cookie name="passwd" optional="No" />
            <string name="db" optional="No" scope="request" comments="database name" />
            <number name="seq_num" scope="variables" optional="No" comments="Unique Sequence Number" />
            <array name="ar_dir" />
            <structure name="str_errors" />
            <list name="list_agentID" comments="list of Agent IDs" />
            <file path="#request.uploadpath#/importanfile.xml" comments="Important file" />
            <recordset name="variables.qry_getPreviousRevisionNumber">
                <number name="PREREVISION" />
                <datetime name="ORIGIN_DT" />
                <boolean name="DELFLG" optional="No" comments="If TRUE, display 'Deleted' msg." />
            <number name="prev_seq_num" scope="variables" />


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